The world’s largest power network starts with you.

Your household devices are key to the most precious commodity in modern energy markets: grid flexibility. Connect, contribute, and earn rewards.


Turn your household appliances into Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and earn rewards for powering the world’s largest virtual power plant.

You've got the power!


Smart grids are the future and you have a key role to play — but corporations are taking your cut.

Your DERs are key to smart grids

Smart household devices generate troves of valuable data and can adjust to the grid’s workload, making it more flexible — which is crucial if we want to create world free of carbon emissions.

Your DERs are their profit

Web2 smart energy apps might help you save some cash on power, but all you get for helping the world go greener is a pat on the back — while corporations rake in billions.

Let your DERs work for you — and the world

There are startups dying to buy your DER data and build innovative apps at much more favourable conditions for you — and the world — but Web2 platforms don't let that happen.


Meet Combinder

The world’s energy
data infrastructure

Connect your devices (DERs) to Combinder's DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) and earn rewards in the $BIND token for providing data and flexibility as part of the world's largest virtual power plant.

Make your DERs work for you, earn, and help the world go greener.


Monetize your energy resources

Sell flexibility

Connect to flexibility buyers. Dial-in comfort parameters (e.g. room temperature, EV charge) and sit back as you earn.

Trade energy

Energy communities are booming. Combinder improves data availability for all  peer-to-peer traders.

Run AI agents to maximize profits

Put your smart devices on auto-pilot and earn rewards as they work both for you and the world.

Create and sell certificates

Join the lucrative carbon credit market. Who said it's only for big corporates?


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